Sheila Alaña knew basketball was in her future from the time she was very little. At eight years old, a basketball was placed in her arms and she wanted nothing to do with it. She was a “girly-girl” but she knew deep down in her core that basketball was going to be a part of her. It helps that her statuesque frame of 6’5 that she was destined to be one of Spain’s premiere basketball players.

Hard-work comes to those you strive for success everyday no matter what adversity” – unknown

This sums up the life Sheila has grown to love; at the young age of 16 she left her house in Bilbao, Spain and headed to a high-level training center for the future superstars of Spain. Through this experience, Sheila learned that hard-work day in and out is what develops your character. She was practicing and going to school all day. There was no time to be a normal teenager and young adult. Those things were put on the sidelines in order to reach the goals she knew she was destined to achieve.

At 18 Sheila signed her first professional contract and with those swift pen movements she was a Professional Athlete. She played in the Spanish Pro-league with many of the top players not only from Spain but also from around the world as well. Playing in league championships, Euro league championships and the Spanish Cup, Sheila has seen every major championship available in Spain. She is a Spanish National Champion with numerous victories under her belt.

I have always lived for basketball, and in the pro-league I had to practice everyday sometimes more than once with games 2 times a week. This game is all I know and it is my deepest passion.” Being a professional is a 24/7 job you cannot turn it on and off. As Sheila puts it, ” it is a part of you!” – Sheila

Being almost 30 years old basketball has been her life and now she is wondering what will be next. Sheila is a family girl and loves spending down time with her family and her friends. Being a professional she has always taken it upon herself to care for her family and make others around her happy. She is driven to making this life all hers to live. She lives each day as if she is not granted another. Sheila is a model athlete and even more a model women who has grown up in the spotlight since a young age.