Miranda Hill still remembers the reaction she got from family & friends in her small town in Ohio when she told them of her sudden decision to move to Hollywood.  Some didn’t think she would make it, others couldn’t imagine actually leaving the only place known as home. But most knew from her crazy creative past she was determined to do what she loved.  With a vivacious combination of beauty, smarts, and athleticism, her main focuses are acting, modeling, writing and entertainment marketing.

Growing up basketball became close to Miranda’s heart. Her father was an amazing basketball player (and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis before Miranda even reached middle school). He inspired her to reach for her dreams, no matter what they were. Anything she told him she wanted to be or do he backed her 1,000 percent and her mom reiterated anything was possible. No matter how crazy it sounded to others. Picking up a basketball was the starting point for her achieving her dreams.. She won many awards before even reaching her senior year of high school. Gatorade Rookie of the year, All star team at Michael Jordan’s basketball camp in NC, Tennessee Lady Vol MVP at Pat Summits camp, and even a championship in Zwolle, Netherlands as the youngest player on the USA team.

Miranda began modeling as a teen “accidentally” after being asked to be featured on a popular website that showcased popular music, trends, and rising stars. It wasn’t long until Miranda dubbed the name “Model LaDawn” in the Midwest. She accepted an academic scholarship at Central State University in Dayton, OH and let basketball take a break from her while she focused on her education and modeling career. She did unimaginable amounts of work in Ohio and around the country being featured in photo shoots, video shoots, charity events, celebrity events, built a solid portfolio and mentored many girls who had dreams bigger than their city and played a role in anything positive she could get her hands on to gain experience. In 2009 Model LaDawn was nominated for best model at the Ohio Hip Hop awards, and Miranda was being scouted by agencies in Los Angeles.

A month after graduating college she purchased her one way ticket to California. She immediately found a great church community along with and mentor that could show her the ropes and got started right away. Within a year she signed with 2 top agencies in the print and commercial divisions, and became a member of the Screen Actors Guild. She still actively works in the marketing field, is in the process of writing a book, and is getting back on the court to ease her mind of hectic life in Hollywood.

I’m very grateful for all the opportunities that have been in my path. But I’ve worked very hard to get to them.  I now know why it’s so much easier just to give up in this business and cry your way back to the airport…it’s vicious competition. I thank God everyday for the endless amounts of support I get from my friends and family back home, and the positive influences I surround myself with here.  I will show the world a little tomboy from southern Ohio can be a part of greatness and make an impact on many lives. My ultimate goal is to be able to give back to the people who have given so much to me. Starting with home. I consider this phase of my life walking for my dad. I will be able to make a difference in the Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer communities for him and my step-mom someday. I will be able to buy my mom that Jaguar she deserves after giving everything she ever had to make me and my sister’s lives as wonderful as possible. I want people to know you don’t have to do what you’ve always known, but you CAN do what you love and aspire to be. The motivation is easy for me. I look at my family. Every second I spend away from them is a sacrifice I’m not willing to make without success being the outcome. Period.


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