Courtney Bureau is considered a modern age “omni-threat” when it comes to accomplishing anything she sets her mind on. Aside from being a dedicated fitness instructor and an all around athlete, she is also a full-time student in Dentistry, ambitious aspiring model, and loving mother of two children, one of whom is autistic. She has only been involved in the fitness industry for about two years after taking her pastime of working out as a stress reliever to another level.

After receiving numerous compliments about my physique and my continued development, I decided to venture out and pursue as many opportunities as possible to highlight my natural gifts and showcase what I achieved through hard work and a strong personal goal to be a role model and inspiration for many moms who say that they can’t achieve their dreams because “something” is always holding them back, especially when it comes to health and fitness. I also want to continue to positively represent women who can be viewed as sexy even with muscles. I also like to continue show everyone that you should always make time for things.

Even if its working a parent..a student.. Know that there will always obstacles, but also know that they can be overcome with hard work and faith!

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