Hey, whats going on?? A lot has been going on for me in the last few months; but, things are finally settling down for me (here in Turkey)… Yeah, I am in Istanbul, Turkey right now; as all of my colleagues are back in the States practicing and preparing for the upcoming WNBA season. I am here because God has blessed me with an opportunity to play in the upcoming Olympics (as long as I do my part and keep working hard!). I am the newest member of the Turkish National Team—after being nationalized just a few weeks ago.
I arrived in Istanbul on May 13th because camp started here on May 14th. We will be training all the way until the World Qualification Round which will be held in Ankara, Turkey in just a few weeks. Our coach has made a conscious decision to let this first week be somewhat of a “preseason.” So, I have died and come back to life several times since my first practice (haha, just kidding).  No, seriously, I am excited about our team and the goal we have set for ourselves! Turkey has a great management and staff surrounding these talented players. And, most important is that the whole COUNTRY is behind us 100%.
In all honesty, I do miss all the great people in the States (and, especially NY); but, I know that this will benefit me in soo many ways that I could not turn away from this opportunity. I find myself checking the Liberty website at least once a day; I know that the fans and my team will be cheering for me (as I am rooting for their success, as well)!!! I have been exposed to some great people since I have started this adventure here with Turkey. I will let you all know more details as time goes; cuz, it’s late and I gotta get up early.