In the world of Streetball there are a lot of people who watch the game thinking in their head man if I could only get a shot I would take advantage and never look back. There are a lot of players who get overlooked for all kinds of reasons, getting in the circuit is no easy task but today I present an opportunity for anyone who has been overlooked in the past. The EBC will be holding an open run in front of the coaches with participating teams for new talent from all over. It doesn’t matter if your from Hiroshima Japan, you can participate for a chance to get on an EBC team at the world famous Rucker Park, where legends are made. This is the Same Place where Corey Homicide Williams gave Ron Artest 26. The Same place where Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder fell 2 points short of breaking the EBC scoring record held by Steve Burtt Jr of 68 points. Numerous NBA stars have played on this court and this is your chance to prove that you deserve to play with the best players New York has to offer on any given day. You don’t want to miss this chance of a lifetime, you only live once.