We’ve teamed up FCP Breakers to introduce a new social media contest exclusive to the Streetball scene this summer.  We’re going to test your knowledge of streetball history, answer our questions correctly (& first) and you’ll win!  We’ll be working with some of the top leagues to give away prizes and other cool gifts.  We’re beginning our contest with some of the most popular leagues on the planet - Entertainer’s Basketball Classic (EBC) & The George Goodman Basketball League! More details about the contest are listed below.


Starting on July 18th and going until the end of August, we will run the contest Monday through Thursday.  Mondays & Thursdays will be EBC trivia and Tuesday & Wednesday will be Goodman League trivia.  On those days, FCPBreakers will tweet the trivia question at 4pm EST with the hashtag of “#MacleemFCPTrivia” or “#EBCMacleemFCPBTrivia”.

How To Win:

Due to the character size limitation of Twitter, you can either retweet the question with your answer and add one of the hashtags – #MacleemFCPBTrivia or #EBCMacleemFCPBTrivia at the end or you can simply write out your answer with the hashtag.  The key is to make sure the hashtag is in your tweet/answer.  On Monday and Thursday only, when we have the EBC questions, use the #EBCMacleemFCPBTrivia hashtag.  On Tuesday & Wednesday use the other hash tag – #MacleemFCPBTrivia.  Here is an example:

Sample Trvia Question:
EBC at Rucker Park:  #EBCMacleemFCPBTrivia - Who’s nickname was The Goat? 
Sample Answer:
John Doe: Earl Manigault #EBCMacleemFCPBTrivia


Free Macleem gear, or league memorabilia and other cool prizes which will be announced throughout the summer via our twitter and facebook pages (links to all Twitter/Facebook pages are below).


To be eligible for the contest you must follow @Macleem, @FCPBreakers and the league in which the trivia questions are about.   We are beginning our contest with Entertainer’s Basketball Classic & The George Goodman Basketball League, make sure to follow @EBCRuckerPark & @Inside_da_gates on Twitter!




We look to expand this contest to other summer leagues as well, if you’re a league organizer contact us.