The time difference is taking some time to get used to. We are getting prepared for our first exhibition game tonight. Yesterday we worked on a lot of stamina endurance exercises in addition to the drills we did the previous day. Coach Ramal & Coach Jontae ran hills as well as worked on improving the attendants agility. Unfortunately a lot of the high school players had to practice later that day so we ended our camp early. We then headed over to Big Beach and got our Baywatch on. Even got to see a few dolphins swim by us.

Exhausted from the swim, we headed up country for a great barbecue!  Everyone had a big plate and ate like it was Thanksgiving.  Not to mention a to go plate as well.  As I write this we’re getting down on some of the food from last night. 

Air Dogg played NBA Live ’10 against one of the camp attendants and won by more than 20 points.  So far he is 3-0 on the island in basketball video games.  He’s beaten Kris & Jontae already.  Pass The Sticks (trash talk of the day).

We capped off the night with a light practice run at Seabury Gym.  Professor played a few games of 1 on 1 with some of the younger athletes there.